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Sale Death Rosary Death Rosary

Death Rosary

4 Skulls and 1 Heart Centrepiece. Hand crafted from precious crystals & stirling silver. Death is not the end of life, but only a peaceful fare...

$160.00 AUD $210.00 AUD
Eternity Rosary Eternity Rosary

Eternity Rosary

4 Hearts and 1 Skull Centrepiece. Hand created from precious crystals & stirling silver. The infinite vitality to overcome the unending rigours...

$210.00 AUD
Immortal Rosary Immortal Rosary

Immortal Rosary

The Original Charlie Rosary Concept. Hand crafted from precious crystals & stirling silver. Gift yourself not with the broken pieces of the pas...

$210.00 AUD
Passion Rosary Passion Rosary

Passion Rosary

All love Hearts.Are we destined to meet our soulmates in this lifetime? And if we do and we die, do we meet again on the other side? Do our wants a...

$210.00 AUD
Skull Rosary Skull Rosary

Skull Rosary

All Skulls. A true Ghostie's fascination for darkness coupled with emblematic pendants. Haunt finally delivers its long dreamed-of accessory, a sym...

$210.00 AUD