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Aphrodite Bench Aphrodite Bench

Aphrodite Bench

Product Dimension (LxWxH) : 105 x 49 x 45 cms Let the Aphrodite Bench stand in witness to your eventful night of pleasure and seduction while you c...

Aurora Bench Aurora Bench

Aurora Bench

Product Dimension (LxWxH) : 162 x 64 x 77 cms Princesses need not be stressed. Let your peaceful intellectual faculties roam around your mind palac...

Cinderella Bench Cinderella Bench

Cinderella Bench

Product Dimension (LxWxH) : 155 x 59 x 80 cms Ease your mind or entertain your guests around the palace while whisking time away sitting at the Cin...

Countess Bench Countess Bench

Countess Bench

Product Dimension (LxWxH) : 125 x 53 x 68 cms One for the very confident countess in you, the Countess Bench will bring out more confidence and gla...

Mafia Bench Mafia Bench

Mafia Bench

Product Dimension (LxWxH) : 96 x 50 x 72 cms A quick seat for the business-minded in the elegant Mafia Bench. Add your own touch for that one true ...

Maleficent Bench Maleficent Bench

Maleficent Bench

Product Dimension (LxWxH) : 132 x 47 x 77 cms Maleficent spent days of plotting evil plans while she sat to rest on the Maleficent Bench. Never be ...

Nymph Bench Nymph Bench

Nymph Bench

Product Dimension (LxWxH) : 150 x 50 x 50 cms Beautifully crafted, the Nymph Bench is one for the mythical beauty and desires that are all conceale...

Odyessey Bench Odyessey Bench

Odyessey Bench

Product Dimension (LxWxH) : 133 x 48 x 65 cms Rest in true traveller's fashion in the Odyessey Bench. Embelish with your personal touch for that ex...

Poison Ivy Bench Poison Ivy Bench

Poison Ivy Bench

Product Dimension (LxWxH) : 105 x 49 x 45 cms The manipulation of power and nature can always take a toll in you. It is a matter of taking a quick ...

Poseidon Bench Poseidon Bench

Poseidon Bench

Product Dimension (LxWxH) : 160 x 44 x 45 cms Share a delightful afternoon with fellow gods on the Poseidon Bench. Simple yet elegant, it should g...

Seduce Bench Seduce Bench

Seduce Bench

Product Dimension (Width x Depth x Height) : 105 x 49 x 45 cms Feel like the real seductress you were made to be on the Seduce Bench. Whether it ma...

Temptress Bench Temptress Bench

Temptress Bench

Product Dimension (Width x Depth x Height) : 115 x 45 x 73 cms For the glamorous, fabulous and fabled temptress that you are, nothing matches your ...