Disney Villains and the Furnitures they would buy from Haunt

Disney Villains and the Furnitures they would buy from Haunt

Do you love Disney? Who doesn’t with their happily-ever-afters, right? But are you more a fan of the movie villains than their princes and princesses? If you are, then you’ll like this list of ours.

We’re re-acquainting ourselves with 5 of our favorite Disney villains and what furniture they would choose from the Haunt selection. Now if you’d like to tap into your dark and evil villain side, you might get some inspiration here too.

The Evil Queen

The Vampiress Vanity

The Evil Queen steps into, no magically appears into the shop and looks for a replacement mirror. She is instantly drawn to the The Vampiress Vanity and for good reason.

This elegant vanity is a sure to complete her Evil Queen fantasy and make her want to say “mirror mirror on my dresser, who’s the fairest of them all?” With elegant and intricate carvings screaming “look at me”, she is bound to be the envy of every girl in the land. She then vanishes along with the dresser leaving a bag of gold coins, a juicy red apple and a reverberating laugh.


The Harlow Chaise

Without uttering any words, Maleficent glides her fingers down the elegant mahogany and comfortable serpentine back of this luxury piece and she is instantly in love. Nothing but the best for Queen Maleficent - Mistress of All Evil.

With a wave of her scepter, she dissolves into a tornado-like exit and leaves her credit card details and her delivery address. Even villains shop too! 

The Queen of Hearts

Wonderland Red Queen Bed

The Queen of Hearts would rather die than be caught shopping so she’s asked a confidant to shop for her and what do you know, this piece has her name written all over it! The bed even has a built-in crown! Everything about this bed screams Worship Me. Extravagant in every last detail & carved gilded flourish, this is the bed for those born to rule. And for a queen with such a huge self pride always screaming “off with their heads”, this is the perfect bed to get a relaxing and tranquil sleep without compromising style and sophistication.

Mother Gothel

Mother Gothel’s search for the precious flower ends when she sees this elegant and luxurious bed. With sleep so sound and so comfortable and waking up so fresh and rejuvenated, who needs a magical flower to look young?

Every Diva wants their own way and Mother Gothel is the perfect diva to match this exquisite bed!

Cruella De Vil

The Lavish Bed

Lavish by name & nature, this is a luxurious deeply upholstered french style bed with a standout headboard design, meticulously hand carved details with silver accents add an extra dash of grandeur. Just what Cruella De Vil ordered - plush, unique and made for her!

Waking up in this luxurious bed just might take her head off of those 101 Dalmatians! :)

 ~ ~ ~

Whew! Who would think opening our doors to a few Disney villains can prove such a challenge? They all have great sense of style and they demand no less! But we survived and actually sold some items.

Do you have other favorite Disney villains? Add a comment below and let us know what Haunt furniture they might like! We’re sure you’ll find something perfect for them!