7 Sexy Things you can do in bed other than sleep

7 Sexy Things you can do in bed other than sleep

When was the last time you did anything in bed other than sleep? If you’re like any typical person who just uses his/her bed for sleeping and sleeping with, then you’re definitely missing out on the best of your “bed times”.

If you want to make the most of your bed times, consider these 7 sexy things you can do in bed aside from just sleeping.

Take sensual selfies



On any lazy Saturday or Sunday and after a week of hustle, consider staying under the covers or above it for a few minutes for those “just woke up” selfies. You’d be amazed at how fun and imaginative you can get while still in bed. Now if you want to take it up a notch, consider hiring a professional photographer for your very own boudoir photography moments.

Stretching and yoga



Yep, your bed can be your stretching best friend. It does not discriminate, is very kind and is protective; it even acts as your cushion in case of that painful back arch. A simple and light stretch you can do while in bed is Cobra which is good for muscle lengthening and flexibility. This can be done by lying on your belly, keeping your lower torso grounded while extending your upper torso upward to imitate the cobra’s attack position.




As they say, smart is the new sexy and there is nothing sexier than a woman using her imagination in bed. Whatever stimulating topic you're into, metaphysics or the bestselling novel 50 Shades of Grey, you’re sure to get the most of your reading experience while tucked under the covers in the comfort of your own room.

Listen to music



Whether you’re the silent type, the hummer, the singer or the dancer, your bed is your own stage! No matter your mood and your choice of music, just lounging in your bed with your tunes from your headphones makes for a sexy and soulful relaxation.




The best ideas always come to us in the unlikeliest of places so why not make your bed your writing bff. Always keep a pen and a notepad beside your bed for when your creative juices start to pour in. Who knows the next bestselling novel could be at the end of your bedpost waiting to get written!

Watch chick flicks



We all have that one movie we like to watch over and over again and cry or laugh to but not everyone will get it. Your bedroom is your safe haven, it is where you can be quirky, weird and fun without fear of humiliation so make the most of it!




The next best place and least expensive place to eat is in your very own bed. Whether you want to go solo or get into a duo, any day is a great day to discover why someone invented the term “breakfast in bed”.  And if you have time, lunch and dinner in bed too!

If you’re even on the lookout for a bed that will allow you to do these things and more, look us up at Haunt Furniture and we’re sure you’ll find one that’s a perfect match for you and your lifestyle!

At Haunt Furniture, we cater to your deepest and darkest whims and we aim to impress!

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